Architecture & Works

Urban Regeneration consulting services features a range of disciplines that support property investment decisions and renewal works, from financial analysis, legal, architecture and project management .

Technical Analysis

Features the study of urban regeneration in terms of conditions, restrictions and feasibility of the building works / increasing of urban areas, which constitutes an essential tool for any investor /  landlord / asset manager to assess the real value of the property taking in consideration its building potential.

This analysis precedes the economic feasibility study.


The inspection of buildings in urban regeneration consists on the classification of diseases related to the degradation of buildings and analysis of the associated causes.

The technical report will include technical solutions and drawings.  


A crucial document between all actors in a regeneration project. The budgeting based on the specifictions list grants greater control over its costs and participants.

Building Tenders

Our company uses a proprietary multicriteria framework to assess and select building tenders



Investment Assessment Services


Investment Assessement Services are based on: (1) search & selection of properties, (2) Urbanistic assessment, (3) technical due dilligence, (4) economic analysis ( 5 ) fiscal and government
incentives assessment ( 6) aplication to government incentives,

Contractors selection as well as project management  may be included as a complement to investment assessment services

Sales & Marketing and asset management may also be integrated in this service line


Real Estate Valuation

The property valuation service for housing rehabilitation ensures the investors the ability to decide on your investment taking into account the market values for properties with similar characteristics after rehabilitation works.

This can be a crucial information for financial modeling and application to government incentives related to urban regeneration.