Preliminary design

The preliminary study is a comprehensive assessment including drawings.

Base program

This program is presented in order to provide the developer a clear understanding of the proposed solutions , in accordance with the conditions set out in the preliminary program.

Construction project

The nforcement Project will be presented in order to provide a coordinated set of written information and designed for easy and unambiguous interpretation by the entities involved in the execution of the work


Engineering projects are specialties projects that compose the different areas of constrution :

  • Stability
  • Water
  • Sewage
  • Electricity and ITED

Other specialties may be added to the project by the requirements of it.

Interior Architecture

Layout design, following the rules in force involving factors such as: ergonomics, lighting, acoustics and thermal, furniture, air conditioning, safety and health, to be implemented within residential, commercial or corporate environments, according to the needs of the space. 

The interior design project aims to enhance the living space in image and comfort, impacting on quality of life.