Who we are ?

Honest Buildings, nacional brand nº 548954, is composed by group of people who share a common passion for urban regeneration and sustainability of urban spaces.

The project is leaded by co-founders Paula Fragoso and Paulo Sardinheiro, who bring to every project not only their experience and dedication, but also a selected team of experienced professionals.


"Honest Buildings" translates honesty in urban regeneration?

“Honest” represents sustainability and transparency in urban regeneration projects. We believe that urban regeneration only makes sense if its built based on principles ecological and financial sustainability. Just as transparency in professional relations must be present from the first moment.

What we do ?

We provide technical and economic advice to assess and carrying out urban renewal projects as well as the mediation of real estate investments in the sector.

What we dont do ?

Construction nd rehabilitation works

Têm um serviço chave-na-mão ?

One of the main features of the Urban Rehabilitation is its singularity. Each property is unique in its characteristics and conditions, which means it has an unique character.

Honest Buildings  offers set of technical services tailored to each project, in line with promoter's objectives.

At what stage of the project of urban renewal Honest Buildings participates?

Honest Buildings works throughout the investment process. This process is divided into the following stages:

  1. Prospecting and selection of investment opportunities in the urban rehabilitation sector
  2. Assessment 
  3. Economic study and technical feasibility
  4. Construction survey
  5. Diagnosis of the general conditions of work
  6. Urban rehabilitation program
  7. Poject management
  8. Interior Architecture
  9. Property management for renting or
  10. Sales & Marketing


Honest Buildings is a studio of architecture and a real estate agency?

No. Honest Buildings integrates architectural services, management and investment advisory and decision support services. Unlike real estate agencies that focus on the sale of the property in its current state, Honest Buildings is focused on the creation of urban and economic value to its stakeholders. 

Honest Buildings ensures a more rigorous and independent evaluation of properties under management as it becomes co-responsible for creating value through the rehabilitation process and other complementary services,

What is Honest Buildings Network ?

The network is the result of several partnerships that Honest Buildings established with investment funds, banking and real estate agencies to offer its investors the best investment opportunities in urban regeneration.

What investors can find in Honest Buildings Network?

The network offers vetted properties by real estate experts following a set of predefined criteria. The network is not a property showcase for window shopping. 

How can I access the Network?

The access to urban rehabilitation projects is free, but subject Board approval.  Simply fill in a form on the page requesting access and we will contact you by email with your access codes.

Is the technical analysis and assessment of potential urban and economic value free?

All of Honest Buildings services are paid. However there are services with fixed fees, variable fees services and services linked to a success fee. For more information contact us.

Data Protection

All sensitive information collected during Honest Buildings marketing campaigns will only be used for information purpose of the company and respective marketing activities. The user accepts and acknowledge that the use of sensitive data is only for information and marketing of HB business activities and gives authorization for such use. Sensitive data can be deleted on request. The user may unsubscribe to any communication and request to be taken off our data base by sending an email to sardinheiro@honestbuildings.pt