Industrial heritage, Lisbon


This historic building was once the head office of an important wine trading company. Founded in 1896 the firm owning 2 large vineyards used this facility for wine bottling and trading..
The building was built in one block in line with other industrial facilities of the late XIX century featuring an open plan warehouse for industrial use, with a glamorous architectural facade in the office area. The building also features housing facilities used by some of the workers.
The office area is a 4 floor building with open space areas, with an hand painted tiles by A. Moutinho in the lobby, representing a farming day at Quinta das Varandas. The clock on the top of the building was an architectural feature very common in north European countries and one of the most important management tools as it marked the working and non-working hours in the facility.

The proposed increase is based on a project submitted to the city hall (PIP). Once approved it will bind the City hall to the new volumetry.
In the project the development is composed of 7 blocks highlighted in the following pages.

Existing building area: 13.736,70 sq.m.
Approved building area: 16.159,70 sq.m.


Asking price: €17.800.000