Service Apartments, Lisbon Downtown

This project will start construction in a few months and its now open for sale. Bulk sale is also available. 

Location: Lisbon downtown, Baixa-Chiado. 

Tourism rental contract with rental guarantee ( see conditions) 


  • Price include furniture Promissory contract includes the obligation to give BOUTIQUE HOTEL the rights to renting the property for a minimum of 6 years (3 years fixed + 3 BOUTIQUE HOTEL option); 
  • Buyer can sell the property at any time giving BOUTIQUE HOTEL right of first refusal and the new buyer undertakes to maintain the rental rights granted to BOUTIQUE HOTEL .
  • Buyer receives 4% gross per year on investment from the date of the deed (2% every 6 months); 
  • The buyer's only expense will be legal taxes; maintenance, condominium and furniture replacement will be payed by BOUTIQUE HOTEL; 
  • Buyer can benefit from 14 nights stay in one of the suites at BOUTIQUE HOTEL, per year, from October to the 31st of March excluding Xmas and New Year;